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In the constantly changing market scenario, organizations have realized that the creative competitive advantage lies in managing people and build organization capability by hiring right people.

Timely recruitment of right talent continues to be a major concern and challenge for all organizations.

To meet this challenge, inspite of having internal recruitment resource, all over the world, organizations engage an external support which facilitates the process, so much so, that many have outsourced this area to the experts which allows them to focus on core HR areas.

We as the external expert on recruitment, partner with you to address this concern and support you so that your recruitment process delivers the right people with a minimum of lead time.

Our end to end recruitment services include contingency recruitment, project based recruitment and start-up business recruitment.

We provide comprehensive industry / competition mapping services through which we approach candidates on proactive and discreet bases for identifying and discerning the active ones from the passive. We use a scientific process like competency based assessments for defining and understanding the skills, attitude and knowledge required for carrying out a job.

Powered by Technology, Team and Talent we offer a unique expertise through proven recruitment methodology to deliver the results that you need & expect!

Value Consultancy Services harnesses the power of a true team based approach and is strengthened by experience, expertise and market place knowledge, insight & contacts within the markets we serve. Through an unyielding belief in quality of service and deep commitment to the markets served, Value Consultancy Services is the trusted business partner you can count on to meet and exceed all of your hiring expectations.

We ensure that our team is fully aware of the needs and expectations of an organization. Our aim is not only to recruit the right people but also manage the process efficiently thereby creating a enriching recruitment experience for the client organization through:

In our experience we have come across different category of clients:

One category of client have an established HR department and trained people to handle interview and selection process. They require only sourcing support.

There is another category of client who needs facilitation in terms of training their people to handle recruitment effectively. Once the training is provided to them, they acquire the skill and handle the process internally with external support in sourcing only.

A further category of clients expect us to handle entire recruitment process and place before them candidates only for the final round of interview/ selection.

Needless to mention we are specialized in providing all the above three types of services.

Our range of recruitment is from management trainees to CEOs.

Our services cover:

a) Preparing profile specification based on the requisition from the client.

b) Preparing a draft advertisement and submit for client’s approval. ( If agreed mutually )

c) Screening, testing and interviewing candidates.

d) Presenting to the client a written report on each candidate, which usually comprises of 3-5 persons for each position allowing the client a rich inventory to choose from.

e) Arranging interview appointments for the client with the short-listed candidates.

f) Negotiating terms with the final selected candidate on behalf of the client.

g) Obtaining work references from the successful candidate’s employers.